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Acting Classes Near Me

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If you just spent three years at drama school you probably don’t feel like doing acting classes for a while; if you never went to drama school you probably feel like you need to be in class every week. Acting training is about balance, but it should always be a part of your life as an actor. Watch an interview with any great actor and they will talk about how the importance of continuing to learn and grow as an actor. So never think that you’re above training. Often times it’s hard to know where to turn in terms of acting training, or it’s simply too expensive, so how do you find good acting classes. Simple:

1.Research Acting Classes

Acting classes, especially the ever so popular “masterclasses” are increasing expensive. Often this expensive doesn’t equate to great training, but great marketing. Ask actors you respect what acting classes they recommend. Where did they learn the most?

Ask Graduates. It’s a great step to ask people who have studied under a particular teacher. Most actors love talking about acting, so pick their brains about what they got out of the course.

Audit. This is where you watch a class. This isn’t always a possibility with acting classes, but if it is do it. Watch how the teacher works with the students. Do you get that excitement watching? I remember auditing a Larry Moss masterclass and I was on fire in my seat. You want to work with teachers that inspire.

2. Don’t pay too much

I said this before, but I hate seeing actors spend a small fortune trying to find the “secret” to acting. There are many great and insightful teachers out there, and many of those don’t charge a fortune. Some reputable masterclasses might be worth saving up for, but it’s more important to be in acting class consistently  than doing a one off “break through style” course.


Acting Classes

3. How to get the most out of acting class

Go in with a set goal. Are you trying to clock hours in front of a camera? Or work on your voice? Try to be objective about what your career needs right now. It can be good to ask your manager as well. For most it’s screen work, and for screen work we simply need more time in front of the camera, getting comfortable.

4. Contact us for a local recommendation

If you’ve researched acting classes in your city and you’re still struggling to find a great acting class or teacher, get in touch with us. We are an international site that has contacts in all the major cities. We loving helping actors connect with great acting teachers. Give me an email: [email protected]

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